DePaul Real Estate Club

Our Mission

DePaul Real Estate Club is open to all DePaul students regardless of major and explores the many diverse careers throughout the real estate industry including brokerage, finance, investment, development, management, and more! The purpose of the club is to help students network with real estate professionals throughout the Chicagoland area, explore the current state of the real estate market, and expand their opportunities for finding internships and jobs. To become a member, simply attend one of our meetings. Real Estate Club meetings include guest speaker events, site tours, panel discussions, networking opportunities, social events, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Social. Practical. Educational.

With multiple meetings every academic term, the DePaul Real Estate Club facilitates an opportunity for students interested in Real Estate to network, learn, grow, and explore future career opportunities alongside their peers.

  • DePaul's Real Estate Club comes at no cost to its members. Just attend an event!

  • Our events provide insight into the various careers in Real Estate, giving members a 360 degree overview of the industry.

  • Events allow you to connect with club members, as well as our diverse community speakers to engage career opportunities and professional growth.

  • Hungry for more than just education? Two words : Free Food.

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